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RUMPEL – a boxer with spondylosis

"We would like to give a very positive opinion and thus warmly thank DOG NATURAL for the herbal preparation Mobility Forte, which initially brought relief to our dog's pain and after the entire treatment restored the dog's health and fitness. I will share Rumpel's story ... The situation was dull because my Boxer dog was diagnosed with advanced SPONDYLOZA, a very heavy topic, generally hopeless, because this disease is not eligible for surgery, because the growths on the spine grow back and it is senseless .... the dog suffered a lot every day ... it was worse the pain could not calmly stop, all the time "stamped with hind legs" thus relieving the spine, the doctors spread their hands prescribing strong pain pills CIMALGEX 80 and TROKOXIL (which are partly a drug), they helped but temporarily ... and the dog was after them It was only then that we found the forums of people with a similar problem, where they wrote about the effects of DOG NATURAL preparations. I thought it was impossible that herbal products would help since such strong painkillers would work on an ad hoc basis and without any long-term effect later. We decided to try because there were no other alternatives. We started to give supportive veterinary treatment to Mobility Forte. The dog was under the care of a veterinarian all the time. After two weeks we noticed the action of the dog apparently felt better, and also stopped limping on the front paw. After the whole treatment we could not believe gave way "stamping on hind legs", my Boxer was happier and clearly without pain, a completely different dog, it's hard to believe. Once again, thank you with all my heart for your help, the effect persists after stopping the tablets, once a year we repeat the treatment just in case. Rumpi is happy, Greetings! "

Elżbieta S. and Rumpel









PUSIA – a female dog with lipomas and diseased joints


"One September last year, my 11-year-old female dog Pusia started having difficulty getting up. In the middle of the month she was no longer able to lift her back body alone. She lost her humor, stopped running after me everywhere. She had to be massaged so that she stood up and did a few steps. After many supportive therapies that were unsuccessful, I came to the Dog Natural website, treating it as a last resort, which would support the current veterinary treatment. After a month of using the joint treatment, Anticancer was added. Pusia had a lot of lipomas that constantly After two weeks of new therapy, and after six weeks on the joints - my bitch regained her humor, she began to get up even after prolonged lying down. I also increased the number of walks. She jumped on the chair several times, which was impossible before. they reduce. Some by half. We laugh, Pusia "regained" her ribs. You can already feel them under your fingers. We will continue the treatments so that the lipomas disappear, and for the ponds even rainy weather ceases to be the least problem. I am very happy that we managed to find the Dog Natural website and Pusia has a chance to enjoy life without pain. "



Magda and Pusia





DAGO - a dog with spinal degeneration, malignant melanoma and diseased pancreas


"Dago was operated on at the age of 2, the growth that turned out to be malignant melanoma was removed, we survived the shock. After the veterinary treatment of the tumor, i.e. surgery, we began to additionally administer Anticancer Dog and to this day it has not recurred. It is a very painful memory for us how happy we are that the Anticancer Dog treatment that has assisted the veterinary treatment of cancer has given such positive results. Several years have passed since the operation, the dog is examined regularly, there is no trace of the disease. Dago also has a diseased pancreas (he takes digestive enzymes with a meal) and degeneration of the spine After veterinary recommendations, we went to Dog Natural again for help, Dago began to take Hepa Dog and Mobility Forte Dog preparations. The effect is that the Lipase level was 25.05.2018 - 5661 U / i, and on 27.10.2018 we have a result of 1410 U / l, and thanks to the support of the Mobility Forte Dog mix, from 2 months Dago stopped limping a lot of running, goes for long walks and most importantly - does not limp. We are very happy. Thank you very much. " 




COLA- a German Shepherd with lymphoma


"Cola is a female dog who will be 8 this year. She was diagnosed with lymphoma near the kidneys. Because the tumor was extensive, the doctor did not decide to cut it out. Together with the doctor we tried to treat. Originally Cola received a series of injections with Gromeloxin tablets. Then our doctor, knowing our approach to chemotherapy, offered to use veterinary herbal therapy and directed us to Dog Natural. Cola receives a mixture of Anticancer Dog with a mixture of Anti Inflammatory Dog. The dog is happy, full of energy, enjoys, runs, barks wag tail. Extensive tumor completely absorbed. Test results are normal. If not for this terrible diagnosis we would have forgotten everything. However, we realize that we must be vigilant. Cola is under constant care of the doctor and from time to time we check whether abdominal something disturbing is developing. We are also in constant contact with Dog Natural. On this occasion we thank you for professionalism in service, interest in animals and above all for herbal therapy, which allows you to enjoy the next days spent together with our dog. "

                                                                              Danuta K.

Holker – a dog with allergies


 "Our dog at the age of 5 got a strong allergy, both food and contact. It manifested itself with a very strong itch and purulent blisters on the bottom of the paws. Unfortunately, despite the drug treatment, the condition worsened. After many searches we came across Dog Natural, after consultation we were selected appropriate preparations were Anti-Allergy Dog and Antibacterial Dog, which we added to the pharmacological treatment. The preparations supported veterinary treatment. The first positive reaction was observed within a month, and after two years there was no sign of change. Today Holker has no changes on his feet. Despite being among allergens, there are no relapses.With a clear conscience and with all our heart we recommend preparations. Thank you for being "


Sylwia and Holker



Nela- a female dog with a breast cancer and a sick liver

 "I came across Dognatural by accident, looking for something that would be an alternative to our surgery. We detected small bumps on the skirting boards and one large tumor, and she also had liver problems. Vets offered us surgery (which is a risk at the age of 11) and medicines. The dognatural company offers preparations supporting veterinary treatment, and its owners eagerly listened to us, presented their opinion and advised appropriate herbal products. The contact is amazing: they are always ready to talk to us, dispel our doubts, comfort and advise. Alka, apart from your preparations, suggest what to feed animals and how to help them. Shipping is express. As for the mixtures: our bitch has been using them for a long time, interchangeably different mixtures, depending on the needs. After patient use of HEPA DOG supportive veterinary treatment (about 1.5 months) as recommended: the liver results of suni improved significantly, which was not seen after taking other animal supportive preparations. Sunia also uses preparations Anticancer Dog and Anti Inflammatory Dog which support the veterinary treatment of my suni tumor and the effect is that a large tumor has been absorbed, some of the nodules have also decreased. The bitch became more spontaneous and gained appetite. All this proves the effectiveness of the preparations proposed by Dognatural. I would recommend. "


Kinga and Nela



opinion straight from Spain, from Ms. Asia and Lucy with a bad back




"Lucy was found in a very bad condition. She was very hungry, she had anemia. She was so thin that you could count all her bones. Her legs were very weak, she was trembling, sometimes it was hard to walk or even just stand. As already she walked, it was very ugly, the two front paws had to take on all the weight because the hind legs worked very poorly and were stiff. The first vet gave a quick diagnosis that it was from rickets, which the bitch had probably gone through as a puppy. It turned out that he had a degenerative disease in two places and pressure on the nerves means that all four paws do not work as they should. In addition, the x-ray showed arthritis in the hips. Lucy is an older dog (between 11 and 13 years old), so we left only strengthen muscles through exercises and massages and find natural supplements supporting veterinary activities (not burdening the body) wz diminishing the locomotor system and those that would help reduce pain.

Fortunately, we've found Dog Natural's Mobility Forte herbal blend. It was very surprising for us that the bitch felt better after a week of taking herbs. She started walking nicer and more confidently and, strangely enough, started running. Her legs are shaking very rarely now, there are light relapses only when the weather changes. In addition, the bitch is incredibly strong, which I feel very much on walks. She became active, she likes climbing the hills with her younger sister. Sometimes I have to stop her.

Thank you very much Alka for the herbal mix supporting Lucy. I highly recommend it to animals with mobility problems. "




Basko, a dog with castration incontinence and locomotor problems


Basko (amstaff, 7 years old) started to pass urine. Initially, I thought he had a bladder (he stayed 2 months in a dog hotel in the pen in April May). But it didn't go away and it turned out that it was simply a sterilization effect. Desperate for help (the drugs that the veterinarian prescribed work mostly for bitches), I accidentally found the dog Natural website. Actually, a friend from the auspices foundation, I was recommended. At first I was skeptical. I thought herbs? I first ordered a preparation for urinary incontinence (now STERILISED DOG). And that's how she uses it all the time. Apart from treating the vet, my dog ​​significantly helped this preparation, I can see a significant improvement, which I could not get by using other means. The problem is practically non-existent, but I have to use it continuously. And don't be discouraged by the fact that it takes some time for the herbs to work for me, it lasts for 2-3 weeks, but it's worth the wait :-).  Unfortunately, this is not the end of our health problems. In 2013, Busko broke a cross ligament in the hind paw. He underwent surgery, currently has an artificial ligament, but the thing is that with this operation the doctor told us that Basko has the beginning of dysplasia ... And that for now it is ok but it will get worse after that he will strain other joints to relieve this sick man . And so it actually happened. Some 1.5 years ago there was a sharp deterioration. Even after a small effort, the dog for the next two days lame on its other healthy paw. At first I thought that the second one was but it turned out that it's just okay. The dysplasia of poglebila and our basiorek had little movement because we had a child and we just didn't have time to walk with the dog has regular long walks, which resulted in with each longer exit a long break the dog was lame. I thought then, maybe I'll try something from dogNatural. To be honest I did not count on spectacular effects but since involuntary soaking helped ... I read, I saw with a girl with a similar problem praises a mixture of mobility forte ... And in fact! Just as she wrote, it helped! He helped vet again, the dog was back in shape! Now it is running again as it used to be ... only again our effect became active after about 3 weeks, but it works. Maybe that's our charm ;-) Małgosia


Fiolka, female dog with malignant tumor, sarcoma and joint problems


"My thirteen-year-old Fiolka has been diagnosed with cancer. Since then, the Fiolka has been under the constant care of a veterinarian. I accidentally found out about Dog Natural and its products. To alleviate the pain and suffering of Fiolka, I decided to buy ANTI CANCER DOG capsules. Since I have been giving jelly beans, the condition of the Fiolka Definitely, Anti Cancer Dog jellies greatly assisted the weakened body of Fiolka. In the meantime, Fiolka had a problem with her joints. She couldn't walk, she stopped eating. The vet introduced more medications to relieve the terrible pain that Fiolka had. The drugs started working, the condition improved and I once again used the help of Dog Natural and bought MOBILITY FORTE DOG jellies. Ziółka definitely help, Fiolka started walking, eating, barking. I wholeheartedly recommend jelly beans from Dog Natural. Jelly beans have helped a lot but they still support the treatment of my beloved Fiolka. "


Two doogies with locomotor problems


"I am the owner of two dogs. I used Dog Natural preparations supporting treatment several times. The first dog - acute rheumatic attacks recur every autumn requiring the intervention of a veterinarian.

A few years ago I learned about Dog Natural and decided to supplement the veterinary treatment with Mobility Forte. The dog ate one packet. The rheumatic pains have not returned.

Another problem was damaged liver after poisoning, which the dog underwent. After completing the veterinary treatment, the dog ate one packet of Hepa Dog. Vomiting stopped. Parameters returned to normal Second dog - senior paws refused obedient / joints and ligament /. He stopped walking. After experience with the first dog, I quickly supplemented the treatment with Mobility Forte. This time two packages were needed. Now there is no problem with walking, just limping a little when running too much with the ball. I believe that Dog Natural preparations supporting treatment are recommendable. They greatly improve the quality of life of our pets. "




"I have been cooperating with Dog Natural for a long time in the treatment of my dogs. This cooperation is based on supporting the company's herbal preparations with veterinary treatment to limit the administration of steroids or antibiotics where they can be avoided and help them naturally. We have successfully managed skin problems on a regular basis we save the sheepdog's paws with a mobility mix when they start working "worse", but the biggest success was the extension of the life of the previous cancer patient, who lived in great condition without pain and suffering, and the whole family could use this time more intensively! "




Boris and spinal degeneration


"Borys - a Central Asian Shepherd adopted from a shelter. Dysplasia and severe degeneration of the spine meant that every movement was painful. I was devastated ... I came across the Dog Natural company. Veterinary treatment I began to support with the preparation for joints MOBILITY FORTE and it was the best decision I could make. After two weeks, Boris began to enjoy the dog's life again :-) Thank you with all my heart and I highly recommend it !!! "




Betti and allergy


"U mojego owczarka Betti notorycznie występowała alergia skórna objawiająca się ropiejącymi krostami na całym ciele. Wspólnie z weterynarzem wykluczyliśmy alergię pokarmową oraz źródła mogące być podstawą choroby i nic… Problem jak był tak został. Znajoma poleciła mi preparaty dla psów wspomagające leczenie weterynaryjne: Antibacterial Dog i Anti-Allergy Dog firmy Dog Natural. Organizm rewelacyjnie zareagował na wsparcie Natury uwalniając Betti od przykrej przypadłości. Pozostaje nam tylko gorąco podziękować i z całego serca polecić preparaty DOG NATURAL."


Betti's owner

Daisy – yorkshire terrier with infection and liver problem


"My female dog, Daisy, york, got sick, infection of the upper respiratory tract. Antibiotic treatment caused very bad liver test results and the infection continued to develop despite taking the medication. We were depressed, we didn't know how to help puppies. Then we learned about dog natural products which they helped the treatment of the sun, and they helped us a lot. Daisy received the HEPA DOG preparation, which sensationally assisted liver regeneration, the results improved very quickly. Another preparation we ordered was ANTIBACTERIAL DOG, which helped the treatment of tonsils and middle ear. I don't even want to think what would happen not herb DOGNATURAL thanks to which the female regained health and joy of life.

Thank you with all my heart and I highly recommend everyone who can really do wonders "                        Daisy's owner

Nora - owczarek niemiecki z łuszczką oka


Nora (German Shepherd) was diagnosed with a scaly eye. It is an autoimmune disease leading to blindness. Nora, under the care of a veterinarian, began to additionally receive the supportive preparation "ANTI-INFLAMATORY". The disease has been stopped. Thank you very much and we highly recommend preparations supporting the health of our pets by DOG NATURAL ”


Nora's owner


Joker and chronic otitis


"For 10 months I have been fighting my dog ​​with chronic otitis. I have probably tested all available drugs! It was enough that he swam a little and the problem returned !!! Accidentally on some forum I found the company Dog Natural, which supports the treatment of various ailments. I decided to risk and ordered capsules Antibacterial Dog. And it was a shot in 10 !!! Antibacterial Dog capsules assisted my dog's veterinary treatment. I finished the second pack and the problem disappeared !!! Mother NATURE can do MIRACLES !!! I RECOMMEND 100% "


 Bogusia Dz.


 Female with urinary incontinence after sterilization


"the doggie is fine, a month ago I bought 1 packet of Sterilized Dog to try how it works. And it's great, after a week I noticed an improvement, and now the problem seems to disappear because the bitch no longer urinates, under the care of a vet"


Mrs. Hania


Seta, female with fibrosarcoma


"Miracle with herbs from Dog Natural" About three years ago, a ball grew on the leg (finger) of our Seta (German Shepherd). For the first few days we did not care about it - thinking that something I bit when she was running around the garden. However, the ball did not disappear - on the contrary, it began to grow. We began to fear that this could be something serious - and while living in Great Britain we knew that here we would not be able to count on the help we would expect (we already had experience in this topic) I decided to seek help in natural support for veterinary treatment. And so I came across the "DogNatural" page. I wrote to you, Alka, I described our problem. They advised us to do the examination as soon as possible, but we also decided to take Anticancer and Anti Inflammatory Dog treatments immediately. At the next visit to Poland (a few weeks later) we came to Myslenice to a well-known animal oncologist - after biopsy, he found a fibro-fibrosis and recommended a rapid amputation of the entire hind leg (as he said - "Just in case") immediately stated that the metastases will be 100%, but it will extend the life of our Seta maybe a few years - in a situation where we would like to postpone the surgery until June (it was February) Seta would be dead now. We asked for an hour to think about - the diagnosis broke us. After a biopsy the growth began to grow at a fast pace - it looked like cauliflower - we tried to protect it with ointments and dressings - our Seta had enough of it and in the moment of our inattention she pulled out this growth - then I was sure that there was a tragedy. I wrote to Dog Natural - and as usual I could count on their support. They advised what to do. Until now, we have done two tests (already with another doctor) and ultrasound. The set is completely clean. There are no cancerous changes. She is 10 years old and behaves like when she had 3 of them. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Alka, Their supporting veterinary treatment of herbal mixtures and Their knowledge our dog is healthy and has all the paws on which he goes crazy in the garden. Thank you and thank you we will not stop. Sorry for such a long entry - but I could not limit this story to a few sentences. "


Ewa F.



Landseer Farmer with beautiful hair

 "At one of the dog shows, we noticed Landseer, who had beautiful hair. After a short conversation, we learned about herbs from Dog Natural. We ordered a fur treatment and, after talking to the producer, a bone strengthening kit. So Farmer including food consumed natural pills. Due to its fast growth rate it turned out to be a good move. The effect of both treatments was noticeable after a short time. Now he is 2 years old and in excellent condition. "


Farmer's owner



 Czesio-Labrador with degeneration, torn ligament and severe allergy (on the photo- Czesio now and before)


"Czesio is a labrador adopted in 2013. Health problems began very quickly. From the beginning problems with food. Continuous diarrhea, scratching. We switched to cooked food. It did not help much. We decided to do allergy tests. We found that the dog has allergies to most products, that is, he could only eat lamb carrots, potatoes and zucchini.In addition, an allergy to mites, grasses, molds, fungi. Recurrent oozing wounds are our everyday life. The veterinarian has already entered our calendar and so on steroids and antibiotics. he starts to get very fat despite the diet, problems with the joints begin. Diagnosis of degeneration of the elbows, broken ligament, secondary damaged ankle. The dog starts to close, so the dog does not get fatter. In addition, in November 2014 he caught a babesiosis from 1 tick and it quickly Barely saved after transfusing blood twice. Babesia results in damaged liver and pancreas. For a month, steroids and medications for liver. Czesio is still sad if not a Labrador. Bitterness shawls poured deep purulent dermatitis after applying a tick collar. I started looking for preparations supporting veterinary treatment because the dog's back and at the same time suffered more and more from antibiotics and steroids. We came to Dog Natural. We started with the supportive mixtures of Mobility Forte and Anti Allergy Dog and it became a miracle for me after about 2 weeks I noticed that Czesio gets up in the morning without a problem, he stopped scratching. After a month, he willingly goes for a walk and does not get tired so quickly. And so it was only better day by day. In the meantime, we underwent a mixture treatment for Anticancer Dog tumors and growths because we got a fairly large lipoma (it has grown to such a state that it does not need to be removed and is no longer growing). After a year and a half of the fight for Czesia, the effects are as follows: 15 kg less, 7-10 km of walking is not a problem, the last blood tests were flawless (in the clinic I was asked if I had not changed the dog for tests), allergy tests and this is probably the greatest progress of about 40 Allergens are allergic to mites and grasses, as well as tuna and barley to a small extent. I am extremely grateful for help for Czesia. Thank you very much for your help, support and every advice.

Thanks to Dog Natural, not only dogs feel better, but we have also made changes in our lives. Herbs are now present in our home and everyone is feeling better. Best regards, Anna "




Megi-Golden Retriever with dermatitis from Slovakia (on the photo- Megi now and before)



"Our dog had suffer from bad skin dermatitis. She was scratching all the time. She even made herself ugly bleeding wounds. From the time we started her on herbal tablets we were recommended after discusion with D. Alka she has improved a lot!!! She looks much better and her hair is growing again. It tooks few months but she is happy dog again. We are very happy with this herbs and would definitely recommend them!! :) She is keeping in veterinary care"

                                                                                                                                           Simona S.


Lucjan - a dog with lipomas


"Lucjan is a 15-year-old crossbreed who has not had an easy life. As a large puppy he was given to a shelter where he remained ... 10 years. Poor quality food and medical neglect left him overweight, numerous lipomas, bad hair and hypothyroidism Under the supervision of a veterinarian, we dealt with most problems, but lipomas on the abdomen were still growing. Only the Anticancer Dognatural herbs, which were recommended to us by a person from the animal foundation, supported the veterinary treatment and removed lipomas in Lucjan without the need for surgery. After a year a lump appeared. which grew at an alarming rate on the muzzle. It was already the size of a large cherry, and this is not the best place for surgery, because there is no skin to be stapled after a possible removal of the tumor. The veterinarians spread their hands. Unfortunately, he returned as soon as we stopped giving herbs, but after the second treatment he disappeared permanently We appreciate the work of veterinarians and use their services regularly, but sometimes you need to trust the support of nature. Instead of burdening the body of an elderly and sick dog with drugs or subjecting him to anesthesia, we preferred to try a milder (though effective) method of supporting the body. "

Mrs. Ania and Lucjan


Bambi who took Renal Dog for kidney problems

 "Bambi is an older, 14-year-old mongrel. In winter, his health worsened, he often vomited, lost weight, and the tests carried out at the time confirmed kidney problems (elevated urea and creatinine). Due to the treatment he was undergoing (sick teeth), he took antibiotics, and we started to support the kidneys with Renal Dog. The improvement was visible soon - Bambi more often drank water, urinated properly and most importantly, stopped vomiting. Tests carried out a few days ago confirmed that his kidneys had improved and after symptoms are no longer a trace. I highly recommend Renal Dog and Dog Natural for valuable advice and tips. greetings Maja "




Vila, a female dog with Shar Pei fever


"Vila is a female dog suffering from Shar Pei fever, adopted from a shelter in Gaj. Recurrent inflammation of the ears, skin, fever and swollen joints strongly affected her. We began supporting veterinary treatment with Anti Inflammatory, Mobility Forte and Antibacterial Dog preparations. Since then, there is no problem with ear or skin inflammation, joint swelling has disappeared, and fevers have stopped appearing :) We wholeheartedly recommend Dog Natural preparations that significantly support the organisms of our dog friends. "                                                         Paulina

Wilma, pug with sick joints


"I would like to thank DOG NATURAL for her help and support. My 13-year-old pug dog Wilma had a lot of problems with the joints, which bothered her to such an extent that climbing a few steps into the house became completely impossible for her. I started supporting her with MOBILITY FORTE DOG. After just one packet, I noticed that Wilma is running up the stairs home :) She is not afraid of what happened before the treatment and does not wait for someone to bring it. I recommend this preparation with all my heart for all dogs who have problems with their joints:) Once again, thank you very much for your help :) "                                                                     Paulina K.


Rodos, a dog that suffered from pain in the joints


 "Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you very much for your commitment and help in the fight against osteoarthritis Rodos. After 3 months of treatment, the effect exceeded all my expectations!

Rodos gets Stop Pain and Mobility Forte twice a day, thanks to which we put aside 1 very strong painkiller!

Again thank you very much!

Please find attached a picture of Rodos taken two days ago, on his twelfth birthday "




Diego, a dog with herpesvirus in the brain


"Diego was born with Herpes Virus, his head was twisted and his eye closed. He was picked up from his mother when he was 4 weeks old, which was also meaningless. For the first 3 months he was taking steroids which made the head straighten and the eye opened. But the virus Diego grew and was agitated, sometimes aggressive, we sought the help of a behaviorist but also appropriate soothing and calming drugs. And of course beneficial were the supporting herbal capsules Antibacterial. Diego since he is taking them is calm, calm, able to rest, relax, focus. We are very pleased with the effects of Antibacterial capsules. Thank you, D.R. Alka. "


The owner Diego, Joanna


Lakota, a female dog with bumps and itching


"My bitch, Lakota, is 11 years old and is still full of energy for walking, playing. But it could have been completely different ... A few years ago, bumps, growths that resembled cauliflowers in shape appeared on the mouth and body. They grew and budded. The vet wanted to take slices - from several places on the body for histopathological analysis. I disagreed and started looking for natural preparations supporting veterinary treatment for the dog. And that's how I found the dog natural page of Dominika and Robert Alka, who offered the Anticarcer treatment. After several series, the bumps on her mouth and paws disappeared, and there is no more trace of them! And Lakota has enjoyed good health for several years every day as if she never had anything! There were also biting her paws to the bone, or nervous licking of the anus during the day and at night. But also Dominika and Robert found a solution: Antibacterial preparation supporting the treatment! It's perfect! Lakota is calm, sleeping and there is no more licking and biting. I recommend with all my heart! "


The owner of Lakota, Joanna


Collie Sheepdogs - spleen tumor and other ailments

I would like to thank Dognatural with all my heart for the time and care over my dogs. Our adventure for good started when my spear Sdi was diagnosed with a spleen tumor. Shortly before this, she was also diagnosed with hypoglycemia and during the examination of the heart (echo and ekg) which was to show whether the girl could be operated, the Doctor and the assistant were extinct so poor Sisi that they damaged her spine and he was loved to me 14-year-old dog with tumor and inability to move independently. Without hesitating, I called Dognatural asking for support for veterinary treatment with their preparations. My dog ​​additionally had MDR-1 gene mutations so we introduced preparations slowly, I took my Sunna along with 2 other Collaks in the mountains and there we started the adventure with herbs. Before going upstairs, the girl was in a hopeless condition, she was exhausted with veterinary drugs, I knew that it would not be worse, I packed Mala and the other 2 dogs for the car and went on a few hours trip up to the house where my dogs and I regained lost power :) I started giving her herbs, it was amazing how beautiful she reacted to them. She used herbs beautifully, regaining strength slowly and becoming stronger day by day. She was still living with me 1.5 years with a tumor, which, according to Vets, was absolutely operable, with little chance of life, and I could have had my beloved dog 1.5 years longer, if I had not gone up, if I had not supported wet treatment . natural products "I know that we would not be able to enjoy ourselves for so long!"


The owner of the dogs, Kasia


INES - female with atheroma on her head


"I would like to thank DOG NATURAL for help, support and professional care of my bitch Ines. She had a tumor-atheroma on her head, which was getting bigger. I started to support veterinary treatment with ANTI-ALLERGY DOG and ANTICANCER DOG. After a few days I noticed that the atheroma began to decrease, and after less than two weeks after the tumor there is no trace :) The head of Ines is even and even the veterinarian could not find the place where the atheroma was. I recommend these preparations wholeheartedly for all dogs with tumor problems. Thanks again for your help :)


Yours faithfully, Paulina


Saba female with urinary incontinence


"My female dog Saba had a big problem with urinary incontinence for about a month. The veterinarian said that this soaking happens as the dog is sterilized and in older dogs. She got Seronil because she was very restless and was supposed to get propalin for soaking, but I didn't give Saba because in the leaflet warns that it badly affects behavior, so I searched the Internet and found a natural Sterilized. I bought a veterinary treatment supplement Sterilized Dog and after about a week she stopped soaking. And one more thing, she was very restless, she went all night, she did not want to sleep. after receiving Sterilised Dog everything is over, it is calm and does not get wet. I recommend Sterilized Dog is amazing, my Saba is calm and does not get wet. And my Saba is older, she is already about 12 years old, dog after hard experiences, found in in a deplorable condition. I wanted to help her with natural remedies. It really works great, I recommend “


Saba's owner


15-year-old Dachshund with urinary incontinence

 "I would like to thank you for the preparation supporting veterinary treatment Sterilized Dog, my dog ​​accepts it and copes well with urine retention for many weeks! We no longer have problems with unpleasant surprises on his part, which is associated with the condition of our apartment equipment :) On certainly you understand what I want to convey! :) We thought that there was no rescue for our old pooch, and yet, the condition of his bladder improved significantly!

Thank you with all my heart and I intend to spread the great news about your business, I hope you will help more quadrupeds :) "

Thank you and best regards,


Aleksandra K.


Opinion of Mrs. Sylwia, owner of Maxia, who has liver cancer


 "Maxiu is an 11 year old dog. He has just received a new life thanks to the Natural Natural supportive veterinary treatment. About three years ago, he was diagnosed with liver cancer - several fluid-filled tumors. He got steroids and a sentence of 3 months. I was desperate. I was looking for any rescue and found Dog Natural. It was a hit !!! During intensive treatment, the tumors gradually shrunk and dried. Blood results have improved. Today, after ultrasound - no rubbish! They are not there. My dog ​​and I am unhappy in the world. I recommend Dog Natural products to anyone who wants to give their pet a new animal. "


Joanna, temporary guardian of Juruś, who bought CALM DOG, sent a letter, read it for yourself


"Juruś is a blind dog found in the Polish countryside, he did not know the city, and additionally the lack of vision did not help him find himself in the new reality. He was afraid of new sounds, especially airplanes, he did not even want to go for a walk :( We had to drive a car with him to another neighborhood for an evening walk. Thanks to behavioral work, but I also think that I measure a lot thanks to the herbs, he managed to help and calm him down enough that he can already handle the sounds (we are still fighting for peace when it rains and hits the windowsills ids ) outside, even on airplanes and is calmer at home (he stopped going round and round) is also not muffled, he can enjoy and fool around, so keep up the good work :) "

Opinion from the Kora's owner, female with systemic lupus


"Kora is a bitch taken from the street. Currently she is about 9 years old. When there was a small accident - she broke the claw in the front paw, then before removing its remnants she had to be given anesthesia, therefore blood tests had to be done. It turned out that the bark has a very low level of platelets, we were recommended to X-ray, ultrasound. The doctor found the spleen very much enlarged and a recommendation to remove it. We have heard that the risk is very high, because either the spleen will burst or the Bark at this level will bleed out during surgery. We didn't take the risk and started looking for reasons. We finally got the diagnosis that Cork has systemic lupus and that we don't have much time, we received an encorton. I was able to find the Dog Natural company, which offers veterinary support preparations, where we received very professional help and ordered the Anti-Inflammatory Dog preparation. It was a year ago and so far Kora is with us. We give a small dose of encorton and Dog Natural supplement. The spleen is not enlarged. The bark is the black nigga in the picture :-) "


Mrs. Monika and Kora